33 Days

140 Articipants

1000+ Activities

The first-ever 33-day Art Detour is in the record books! Thanks to all who Articipated, attended, supported and cheered on the arts and culture community.



The expanded format allowed for a variety of ways to have an arts experience during COVID-19

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions on events and gatherings, Artlink expanded the duration and the geographical boundaries of this spring celebration of creativity in every artistic medium. The goal of Art Detour 33 was to increase opportunities for both in-person and online art experiences as the economy for our cultural creatives gets a much needed re-boot, still taking into account the need to maintain social distancing.

Art Detour was made possible through the support of Artlink partners

Featured image: “Sun Worshipper” by Walter Emory. Park Central, Phoenix AZ. Photo by Erik Karvonen.